William H. Devine, DO, Receives the Anne Wales, DO Award for Excellence in Education of Osteopathic Clinicians

Posted 10:00 AM

AnneWales-Award_Devine_squareWilliam H. Devine, DO, of Glendale, Arizona, was honored with the Anne Wales, DO Award for Excellence in Education of Osteopathic Clinicians. In 2019, the AAO Board of Governors approved this award named for Anne B. Wales, DO, who exemplified excellence in the teaching of osteopathic clinicians throughout her career. This award is to recognize those individuals or institutions who have demonstrated exceptional commitment and dedication to the education of osteopathic clinicians.

Dr. Devine is a clinical professor and a fellow in osteopathic research in the Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine Department at the Midwestern University Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine (MUW/AZCOM) in Glendale, Arizona. He is also the Director of Osteopathic Education and the Director of Postgraduate Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine for its osteopathic postdoctoral training institution (OPTI).

Dr. Devine has exemplified and continues to represent the philosophy demonstrated by Anne B. Wales, DO, through his teaching of osteopathic clinicians and exceptional commitment and dedication to the education of osteopathic manipulative medicine. He has a great interest in osteopathic manipulative medicine, medical history, medical education and osteopathic medical research. Throughout Dr. Devine’s career he has made a significant impact to the education of osteopathic clinicians with his service since 1974 to the medical community in teaching manual medicine to MDs, DOs, and other health care professionals. He has taught courses at several institutions, including hospitals, both on and off campuses of osteopathic medicine, as well as at national and international conferences.

Trained as an Air Force Medical Officer at Shepard Air Force Base, Texas for the Vietnam War, he has served as an emergency room physician, as the general medical officer, and provided services in flight medicine utilizing special skills in musculoskeletal diseases. He has served as a board member and was vice president of the Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Activity (URSA) Foundation which was a component of the Washington Osteopathic Medical Association that provided osteopathic training throughout the world.

Since 2010, he has served as a faculty member at MUW/AZCOM and is responsible for all four years of medical student education. He is responsible for the osteopathic component of all of the MWU OPTI postgraduate training programs and oversees the neuromusculoskeletal medicine residency program. He is the co-chair of the Osteopathic Research Committee and serves as the OMM division institutional review board (IRB) representative, while assisting medical students in original research and development of research papers and topics. As president of the AAO’s component society, the Arizona Academy of Osteopathy (AzAO) for 16 years, and as a board executive, he continues to organize, direct, manage, teach and table train at the annual AzAO seminars on various topics in OMT.

Dr. Devine has served on the American Osteopathic Board of Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine as well as on American Academy of Osteopathy (AAO) committees and boards including the AAO Education Committee, and the AAO Board of Governors. He has published research papers and his contributions include section editor and co-author for the chapter “A Modern Approach to Chapman Reflex Points” for the Foundations of Osteopathic Medicine 3rd and 4th editions; Clinical Application of Counterstrain and Compendium edition; Osteopathy and Viscera; and Osteopathy and Fascia. He has also lectured extensively on topics of clinical osteopathic medicine to include clinical counterstrain, and biomechanics in England, Norway, Italy and Germany with multiple lectures and presentations at national and international conferences.